Pod Awful is imagination terrorism that broadcasts LIVE every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8pm EST! Host Jesse P-S and his comedy co-hosts bully the internet's weirdest people and darkest corners. Jesse has been arrested LIVE on the show. He was investigated by the secret service. He's taken down notorious pedophiles, prank called celebrities, and went to war with the internet's craziest denizens. This is the only comedy podcast that will actually make you laugh, and you will hate yourself for doing it.

Pod Awful is imagination terrorism that broadcasts LIVE every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8pm EST! Host Jesse P-S and his comedy co-hosts bully the internet's weirdest people and darkest corners. Jesse has been arrested LIVE on the show. He was investigated by the secret service. He's taken down notorious pedophiles, prank called celebrities, and went to war with the internet's craziest denizens. This is the only comedy podcast that will actually make you laugh, and you will hate yourself for doing it.

Do Androids Dream Of Dat Ass? w/ Thug Nasty - Ep. 920 (ROBOTS, RAP, PORN, PRANK CALLS)

THUG NASTY is here! Jesse kicks off the show welcoming our robot overlords. He wants robots to take over all jobs, so he calls up a robotics lab and his congresswoman to get on it. Later, he plays a terrible rap music video by Thug Nasty, and gets the man himself on the phone, WHICH TURNS INTO A PILE OF CRAZY THE LIKES OF WHICH HAS NEVER BEFORE BEEN SEEN.


FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/BJLgtDywvJo


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PIZZA FUND ONLY BONUS SHOW! AKEEM WILLACY is here! Jesse and Akeem review the newest music video from Tristan Starchild, debut some exclusive bars from Akeem's upcoming mixtape, and spend too much time doing Seinfeld impressions.


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I HATE MYSELF AND I WANT TO DIE feat./ Solo The Cholo - Ep. 919

Jesse wants to quit the show, and talks about what he has been up to the past two weeks. Later, he gets a bizarre phone call from Solo the Cholo!


FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/HYYzkDK8TR4


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DADDY'S DAY! JESSE'S DAD is here! Jesse interviews his father about what it was like growing up in the racist, homophobic 1950's, and how things are different today. Jesse also reveals a shocking secret to his dad. Later, an exclusive clip from Jesse and David's trip to the Mermaid Parade to see boobs!

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Ut41Hyf7u54

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Diversify Your Bonds w/ Ethan Stanislawsky - Ep. 917 (RACHEL DOLEZAL, DONALD TRUMP, STDs)

ETHAN STANISLAWSKI is here! What is diversity and why is it good? Can Rachel Dolezal help explain it to Jesse and Ethan?Later we get a check on Sticky Hooves' AIDS status. (Will they or won't they?) And finally Jesse pranks Ethan's friend into believing Ethan is dead.

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/wH8ZhgavfNs


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Panties Droppin' - Ep. 916 (HIP HOP, RAP, YOUTUBE, PRANK CALLS)

DAVID REY MARTINEZ is back! David introduces Jesse to AW IRVING, who is either the greatest or worst hip hop musician of all time. His song "Panties Droppin'" will be stuck in your head all week. Later in the show, Jesse plays some hilarious voicemails from a very angry, bible-thumping mother of one of our listeners. And absoutely NOTHING ELSE IS DISCUSSED. Wink.

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/ZPZ2yRagEGE

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Cat Calling The Kettle Black w/ Akeem Willacy - Ep. 915 (CATCALLING, FEMINISM, RACISM)

AKEEM WILLACY is here! Catcalling is murdering women to death left and right, if feminists are to be believed. Jesse and Akeem tackle the lies and hypocrisy behind this Social Justice problem, and why it might even be RACIST. Plus a call to the National Organization for Women, and updates on the Domino's Pizza fiasco, and Illma Gore, the tattooed lady.

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/4j5V0PU5J-g

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SOLO SHOWLO! The new epidemic sweeping Tumblr is MANSPREADING and Jesse goes on another crusade to prove why this new cause is stupid. The NYPD has actually made it a crime on NYC subways. Racism? Misogyny? Fat shaming? PLUS: Updates on a crazy co-host, Train Pants, and Domino's Pizza.

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/99YdmyFcSHg

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Pizza Party II w/ Akeem Willacy - Ep. 913 (DOMINO'S, PRANK CALLS, THOTS)

AKEEM WILLACY is here! Domino's has screwed Jesse over in the most ridiculous way possible again, so it is time once more to call the PRESIDENT OF PIZZA. Akeem prank called some ratchet ass ghetto folks, and Jesse tries to recruit a thot for porn. PLUS: Jesse prank calls a rap beat producer with some ridiculous audio.

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Xr9SSrqWhGE

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DAVID REY MARTINEZ is here! #FREETHENIPPLE is a scam and Jesse did some investigative journalism as to why. Find out why feminism is in trouble, how Miley Cyrus is a corporate shill, and how an entire movement about topless women could possibly be a bad thing. PLUS: an incredibly cringe-worthy sex video with a new enemy!

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/JUs1dzIgnAQ

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9/11 CRASHTACULAR! [NEVER FORGET] BORIS KHAYKIN is here! Boris brought some guy named Nick. We celebrate the 9/11 Terror Attacks by investigating the #truth. Jesse calls the NSA about dick pics. Donate to our Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams kickstarter. All the guys prank call a place that stores jet fuel. Lift a glass, it's 9/11 somewhere!

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/yaUtc8OCYeo

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DAVID REY MARTINEZ is here! Weird day time show. Listener NewGirlSteph calls in and gets the ball rolling on talk about Mary 1 and Train Pants. Definitely not for new listeners. Don't miss Episode 9/11 this Sunday (NEVER FORGET)

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/WM65-d4Kmzw

Direct download: Pod_Awful_910.mp3
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Swipe Left, Swipe Right w/ Andrea Allan & Emily Lubin - Ep. 909 (TINDER, SEX, DATING)

ANDREA ALLAN and EMILY LUBIN are here! Jesse is dying from a kidney stone. Emily and Andrea are shamelessly plugging their podcast to desperate dudes on Tinder. Everyone shares hilarious "Tinder Moments" and David gets embarrassed. Jesse is a hot mess.

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Oxeaxt_rmz4

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Who Cares - Ep. 908

Who Cares.

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/MX7-HXHjaBw

PIZZA FUND: http://podawful.com/support

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Mommy's Day w/ Monica Hamburg - Ep. 907 (MOTHER'S DAY, BREAST FEEDING, HELICOPTER PARENTS)

MONICA HAMBURG is here! HAPPY MOMMY'S DAY! Jesse, David, and Monica discuss the price of babies on the black market. Jesse calls his Mommy and reveals she thinks retarded people are funny. Some weirdo helicopter parent hippie breastfeeds her too-old-son and sings a ridiculous "titty song" to him. Jesse shows off his new role on television. 

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/h5FZmx5yEF8

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Die Cis Scum w/ Matt Baca - Ep. 906 (CISGENDER, FEMINISM, SJW, OKCUPID)

MATT BACA is here! Men are becoming extinct, and it's all thanks to gender-fluid women on OKCupid. Jesse goes on a drug-fueled rant about the death of the American man, his new dating experiences, and why Mexican people are great. Plus, a cringe-inducing video of one of those "Airport Surprise" arrivals. Daddy's got a brand new medicine.

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/-3CzeEGE5HU

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Black Spider-Man w/ Mark Levy & Nicole Conlan - Ep. 905 (SPIDER-MAN, RACISM, MARVEL, PRANK CALLS)

MARK LEVY and NICOLE CONLAN are here! Is a Black Spider-Man really necessary? Or is it all just white guilt? Why can't Wanda Sykes be Spider-Man? Jesse, David, Mark, and Nicole all play "So Uhhhh..." to learn more about race relations. PLUS: A new Man On The Street Video about Basic Bitches, Does jesse Like It, and a birthday call with Sticky Hooves.

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/pLAuX9SUNGs

MAN ON THE STREET VIDEO: https://youtu.be/-srW67HsksQ

FOR BONUS CONTENT, JOIN THE PIZZA FUND: http://podawful.com/support

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TRISTAN STARCHILD AND DARK GABLE are here! Jesse tricked terrible white rapper Tristan into thinking he was being interviewed on the real radio by JCru on Hot 97. What follows is a heart pounding, laugh a minute in depth interview of the man most bullied by Pod Awful!

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/8QynhDpIe5M


Direct download: Pod_Awful_904.mp3
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DAVID REY MARTINEZ is here! Bruce Jenner has mutilated his body and now Jesse can't stop talking about trannies. Jesse, David, and the audience argue over bullying, depression, suicide, and mental illness. Things get super sad. Things get amazing when we talk to the Granddaddy of Pod Awful, Grampa Moe.

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/dmhcMdxQP-A

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SANDRA BULLOCK is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World? Jesse discuses the DANGERS of this stupid mission to tell all women they are beautiful, why the Dove Beauty Campaign is bullshit, and why Lena Dunham is the worst. Plus some behind the scenes info from the group and a CRAZY REVEAL IN THE END WITH A PHONE CALL TO MARY 1.

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/NbQdTNRuxEY

PIZZA FUND: http://podawful.com/support

Direct download: Pod_Awful_902.mp3
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Happy 4/20 w/ Omar Hernandez - Ep. 901 (MARIJUANA, HITLER, COLUMBINE, PRANK CALLS)

OMAR HERNANDEZ is here! After a horrible technical nightmare, episode one of Season Nine begins with a message from David, and calls from Joe Peg and Sticky Hooves. It's 4/20 brahhhhs, so Jesse and Omar call up some dispensaries and ask why they are connected to Hitler and Columbine. Plus a great video of a homeless man Jesse knows getting MILKED that leads to the most amazing after show EVER.

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/zNoqidAkFbA

DO NOT MISS the Pod Awfter Show for this one. One of the funniest ever. Only on the Pizza Fund http://podawful.com/support

Direct download: Pod_Awful_901.mp3
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SEASON NINE! (ish) Jesse and David are back for a soft opening of the Ninth Season of The Progrum. They attempt to discuss some creepo plastic surgeon who Dead Skull Manned himself over Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but get railroaded by a couple Canadians. Lots of important info for the Pizza Fund and new season in this one.

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/5LlmXGv9woU

PIZZA FUND: http://podawful.com/support

Direct download: Pod_Awful_900.mp3
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Season 9 begins April 12th at 8pm EST


Direct download: Pod_Awful_TV_Season_9_Promo_VIDEO.mp4
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APRIL FOOLS! This is the Season 8 finale and its a doozy. we revisit and give a call back to some classic Season 8 prank call victims, such as Stacy, the most Gullible Woman Ever; Taysia, the girl with the Ghost Dad; and Nick, the Monsanto Truther. Plus a prank on Matt Baca from Showcaine and a call to Tristan Starchild. 

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/AcCTDbR7P5U


Direct download: Pod_Awful_835.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:33am EST

JEREMIAH TRUE INTERVIEW - Student Banned From College Class For Disputing Rape Statistics (UNEDITED)

19-year-old Jeremiah True told his classmates that the oft-cited "1-in-5" statistic about rape was an exaggeration. This and other politically incorrect opinions led his humanities professor, the BIZARRELY NAMED Pancho Savery, to ban him from attending discussions. Jesse conducts the first real sit down interview with Jeremiah to get his side of the story.

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/20rh-VNlvMw

Direct download: Pod_Awful_Unedited_Jeremiah_True_Interview.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 3:08am EST


THE MYSTERY BDSM GIRL is here! Jesse and David interview Jenn, the mysterious woman who Jesse met on a fetish website. With Jenn's help, they prank call several BDSM weirdos from the internet who won't leave Jenn alone, including one with Cerebral Palsy. Buckle in, we are heading to Hell for this one.

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/ZN1PF5XfG9w

Direct download: Pod_Awful_834.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:05am EST

Jews Run Hollywood w/ David Rey Martinez - Ep. 833 (BAR MITZVAH, ACTING, HOLOCAUST)

DAVID REY MARTINEZ is here! A little Jewish boy made a terribly embarrassing Bar Mitzvah video invitation. The real mistake was when his dad released the "behind the scenes" video with green screen, because Jesse went to town "remixing" it. PLUS: Jesse got his first gig on a TV show!

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/D3J-If0zeWs

Direct download: Pod_Awful_833.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 2:24am EST

PRANK CALLS: Craigslist Roulette - Ep. 832 (PRANKS, CRANK CALLS, WTF)

CRAIGSLIST ROULETTE prank calls! We posted three fake ads to the free section of Craigslist and pranked everyone who called in. The twist? The ads were suggested by listeners and the one with the most calls wins! Hilarity ensues when a mushmouthed man tries to find out Jesse's address, a woman tries to pick up a haunted bag of candy, and a guy doesn't want a massage chair transformer.

FULL VIDEO: http://youtu.be/TgXx5__kato

Direct download: Pod_Awful_832.mp3
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Phone Harassment w/ Alex Fossella - Ep. 831 (PRANK CALLS, STICKY HOOVES, BRONY, NAIL SALON)

ALEX FOSSELLA is back! Alex has been gone a while and the listeners want to get to the bottom of it, the hard way. David got a mani/pedi and Jesse prank called the nail salon while David was there. Sticky Hooves has a new job that Jesse is determined to sabotage.

FULL VIDEO: http://youtu.be/gZlQ-XkLdeM

Direct download: Pod_Awful_831.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 2:11am EST

The Oscars Are Racist w/ Akeem Willacy - Ep. 830 (OSCARS, ACADEMY AWARDS, RAP, PRANK CALLS)

AKEEM WILLACY is here! Jesse made a video on Akeem's birthday of Akeem rapping while drunk. Jesse and David explore the tortured mind behind Please Don't Die Black Men further by reading her book, and Akeem prank calls her. Jesse introduces a brand new Craigslist prank call game called "So Uhhhhh..."

FULL VIDEO: http://youtu.be/n_Bep5_mT9g

Direct download: Pod_Awful_830.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:44am EST

Black Misery Month II w/ David Rey Martinez - Ep. 829 (RAP, PRANK CALLS, WTF, HIP HOP)

DAVID REY MARTINEZ is here! THE RETURN OF BLACK MISERY MONTH. Jesse and David prank call wannabe rappers and make them think they are getting their big break on the radio. Plus a care package from Please Don't Die Black Men.

FULL VIDEO: http://youtu.be/XV0PLog09Qg

Direct download: Pod_Awful_829.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 3:09am EST


RUBY N. LEWIS is here! Ruby is the insane mind behind the website "Please Don't Die Black Men," and Jesse forces David Rey Martinez to interview her. Later, Jesse's roommates Tom and Mike join him for a screening of the new video "Tom Buys A TV" and it devolves into utter chaos.

FULL VIDEO: http://youtu.be/StoEOdJ2-Lw

Direct download: Pod_Awful_828.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 2:24am EST

Tat For Tit w/ Illma Gore - Ep. 827 (TATTOOS, KICKSTARTER, PRANK, INTERVIEW)

ILLMA GORE is here! Illma is the girl who is letting strangers tattoo their names all over her body for ten bucks. Jesse reveals to her the new tattoo design created by the Pod Awful fans. David Rey Martinez joins us for the second half to talk about Please Don't Die Black Men, a totally bizarre website.

FULL VIDEO: http://youtu.be/0LGdSwmtJ98

Direct download: Pod_Awful_827.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 2:35am EST

Put Em In A Coffin w/ David Rey Martinez - Ep. 826 (VINE, VONMAR, GOTH)

DAVID REY MARTINEZ is here! After Jesse and David solve racism in America, Jesse watches weirdo journalist Mark Holmberg report on the "Put Em In A Coffin" phenomenon, and then Jesse tries it himself live on the show. Plus, an Akeem birthday video, and a poem from a teenage goth kid.

FULL VIDEO: http://youtu.be/cbNKoHMDPW4

Direct download: Pod_Awful_826.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 3:16am EST

DAVE ZIMMERMAN is here! Some nutjob girl that thinks she's an artist is letting people choose tattoos to put on her body, so here comes Jesse to ruin her life. Dave is a former cop and helps with legal stuff. Anne Frank was a pervert.

FULL VIDEO: http://youtu.be/0IyOlcXSa8g

Direct download: Pod_Awful_825.mp3
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Get it at http://podawful.com/store

Direct download: Pod_Awful_Pranking_Softly_Ad.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 7:41pm EST

Comedy Jihad w/ Tom Staples - Ep. 824 (CHARLIE HEBDO, TERRORISM, MARRIAGE)

JESSE'S ROOMMATE TOM is here! Another call to the Organic Food Threat guy. Former co-host Matt Herrington quit the show, and Jesse got a Muslim guy to wish jihad upon Matt. A woman has proposed marriage to Jesse in an unusual way...

FULL VIDEO VERSION: http://youtu.be/cVet_Xs_w_M


Direct download: Pod_Awful_824.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 3:01am EST

Bully Squad w/ Matt Herrington - Ep. 823 (CYBERBULLYING, FACEBOOK, AUTISM, PESTICIDES)

MATT HERRINGTON is here! A brand new THREAT VIDEO by SOLO THE CHOLO! A gay 9/11 truther also threatens Jesse! A new segment called What's Matt F-ing Up? Is Matt stalking our female guests? A call to NICOLE CONLAN to find out!

FULL VIDEO VERSION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYIHkv_5OwU

Direct download: Pod_Awful_823.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:17am EST

Season's greetings. 

Direct download: HAPPY_FAMILY_DAY_FROM_JESSE.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 9:45pm EST

Dammit Smash Mouth w/ Nicole Conlan - Ep. 822 (SEX, CHRISTMAS, THE CHRIS GETHARD SHOW)

NICOLE CONLAN is  here! Nicole is measuring dicks. Swedish Brony, Sticky Hooves, calls in and helps spread #FamilyDay awareness. Jesse wants to have sex. Matt was on a rival podcast acting like a bigshot. PLUS: VERY important info about the best content EVER. And checkin' in with these streets.

Video Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcGQvKzwUj8

Direct download: Pod_Awful_822.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:34am EST


ABBI CRUTCHFIELD is here! We kick off the show right away with an interview with a con artist named Tom Paladino who claims he can heal with light bulbs. Matt and Jesse make fun of Tristan Starchild performing for pimp, Bishop Don Magic Juan. Plus a new Man On The Street video and a call with Tay, the girl who thinks Jesse is psychic.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_821.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 6:49am EST


5TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW! MATT HERRINGTON is here! Jesse invented a new holiday with a deranged character named FAMILY MAN. A 17-year-old girl thinks Jesse is a psychic, and the craziest prank call ever happens. PLUS: new Man on the Street video, a prank call to a Reverend, and MORE!


FULL VIDEO VERSION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ_-ly1Pxp8

MAN ON THE STREET VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaYozT1kZYg

IAN AND JENN 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FX1jghaUgT4

Direct download: Pod_Awful_820.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:00am EST

MATT HERRINGTON is here! Reddit is full of lonely creeps. We spend a long time pranking another lonely creep from Craigslist with Chris Wilding. It turns out Matt is a secret lothario, and keeps a list of every girl he has sex with. Chris and Jesse make a big announcement.

Video Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsS07kGKsyw

Direct download: Pod_Awful_819.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 3:35am EST

AALAP PATEL is here! Some fat Social Justice Warrior took pictures of herself to try to stir up some fatty fat controversy. Jesse thinks its all a lie. Bill Cosby had a terribly awkward interview about being a rapist. Brand new Man on the Street video bit! Aalap's friend ruins the show.

Video Version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8DrbqFZmNg

Man On The Street Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=222A9qLJ15k

Direct download: Pod_Awful_818.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:03pm EST

BONUS SOLO SHOWLO! TWO, count 'em, TWO brand new Tristan Starchild tracks kick off this episode, one featuring Taylor Swift. Then some hilarious prank calls using Erotic Goonies Fan Fiction. Then an amazing EVIL STICK.  Yeah, you read that right.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_817.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 6:37pm EST

DANNY HATCH is here! Jesse quit his job and then somehow got fired from it anyway. Maybe. So Danny is nice enough to become Jesse's HUMAN TOPLESS RÉSUMÉ with the help of a few magic markers. Plus Jesse had sex. And things get emo.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_816.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:56am EST

ANDY BECKERMAN is here... yeesh. This one's a doozy. Jesse has a story about getting kicked off of Facebook, but Andy never lets it happen. Instead he INFURIATES fans, and they call in to vote him off the show. SUPER AWKWARD.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_815.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 4:32am EST

AWFULWEEN! AKEEM WILLACY is here! In this Halloween haunted extravaganza we interview the director of the Satanic Temple of San Antonio, get spook advice from the Illinois Ghost Hunters, and a visit from the Puzzlemaster leaves Akeem flabbergasted!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_814_AWFULWEEN.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:40pm EST

SOLO SHOWLO! Jesse's co-worker AKEEM was supposed to show up but didn't for stereotypical reasons. Huge apologies, this show is a mess. Jesse reads an application Akeem submitted to McDonald's, introduces everyone to TONETTA, and talks interracial porn.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_813.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:07pm EST

NICOLE CONLAN is here! Weirdo Bonus Tuesday show. Jam-packed with a teen who lost his virginity to his mom's corpse, a pube bandit, and new Surveilance Camera Man! Don't miss the video only bonus show on our Youtube!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_812.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:57pm EST

MATT HERRINGTON is here. WOW. Matt is a listener-turned-cohost, and he may SERIOUSLY be a serial killer out to get me. We play CRAIGSLIST ROULETTE and make with the prank calls.

What are New Yorkers willing to do for free stuff like a painting of Jesus? Or chrome rims? Or New York Rangers tickets? Which is the winning call? And does Matt murder and eat Jesse when the show is done?

Direct download: Pod_Awful_811.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:36am EST

FRANK HEJL is here! Since it is October, and Frank is a huge Ghostbusters fan, Jesse decided to share some of the best EROTIC GHOSTBUSTERS FAN FICTION he could find from the net. Later, they learn about new jerk off glove.

Find out what happens when you cross Ghostbusters with Transformers (and maybe... the X-Men?) add a bad porn script, and a dash of "this was probably written by a foreigner."

Direct download: Pod_Awful_810.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:02am EST

MARK LEVY is here! Jesse has found the funniest website online, and it is sure to make Mark cringe, it's called TACOJOHNSCALLEDMEAGAYTARD.COM, and Jesse submitted something HILARIOUS to it. Did they take his AWFUL submission?

This episode experienced some technical difficulties, but we were nice enough to cut them out for you, kiddies. Sit tight, because the payoff in this episode was worth the wait!

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ANDY BECKERMAN and RAMSEY ESS are here! Andy and Ramsey host a show about impressions called "Snap Impression" so Jesse decides to test himself and the guys on how good their impressions are. Including ones of TRISTAN STARCHILD and FRAN CAPO. Plus the worst musician of all time, and freestyles.

Andy and Ramsey ran super late getting to the studio, so Jesse terrorizes them by keeping them on the show WAY TOO LONG and forcing them to freestyle rap.

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TEENZ CHOICEZ AWARDZ 2014'z! Your favorite host, DJ Jizzy Piss hosts the only award show for Teenz just staight KILLING IT. Literally, one of these teenagers killed people. And another tried to have sex with a Jesus statue.

This one is for TEEN GIRLZ ONLY! Help vote for your favorite teen! Will it be the girl who's name is just a random assortment of words? Or an actual school shooter who escaped prison? #HASHTAGZ4TEENZ #2014forTEENS

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MYQ KAPLAN is here! Jesse was nominated to do the "Ice Bucket Challenge." So instead he is a horrible person, of course. Myq and Jesse teach an actual child to be a better kid, or burn in Hell forever.

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MATT BACA is here! Behold, THE FAPPENING is upon us. Tons of celebs including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton had their nude photos leaked online and the internet is in an uproar over it. Jesse and Matt battle it out over the moral implications, and Jesse mocks their disgusting bodies.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_805.mp3
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ANNA DREZEN is here! Geoffrey is tired of the phoniness of these ALS Ice Bucket Challenges, so he decides to pop quiz someone who did it, but what happens next was never expected. Plus Anna learns of the terror that is TRISTAN STARCHILD.

As an added bonus, we take a look at "Ladies and Gentlemen Troy's" own Ice Bucket Challenge and discover he may be a total stalker. Also, Geoffrey wants to be gay. #GeoffreyIsAGayGuy

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BONUS SHOW! This is a fan sponsored bonus show. Jesse follows up on Monday's show by revealing his actual, 100% real obituary that was posted online by a New Jersey funeral home. Later, a fan pays jesse to make a revenge prank call.

Want to make your own bonus show happen? Donate $10 to http://podawful.com/donate

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SOLO SHOWLO. Last week Jesse decided he has been a monster for far too long, so it is time to put "Evil Jesse" to rest and have a funeral service for him. Jesse prank calls some funeral homes to see if they will let him bury himself. #BeNice

Along the way, Jesse finds out he can get an obituary online for free, so he tries to set that up. Does he succeed? Can the villain side of his personality really Rest In Peace? And Who is "Geoffrey"? Find out all this and more on the show!

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This is last week's preshow with guest Nicole Conlan. There was no new live show this Sunday, but instead we will be doing a week of shows. A new live show every day this week, more details in the podcast.

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NICOLE CONLAN is here! Robin Williams died, yeah, I know you know. Jesse and Nicole talk about the time Mrs. Doubtfire himself jacked off on them. Then Jesse decides to become "nice," after playing a prank call that makes a crackhead cry.

Nicole helps Jesse plan his funeral, which may be the spookiest event of the century. Plus, a lot of suicide talk, so get ready for feeling depressed.

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SEASON PREMIERE! LISTENER HAB is here! Jesse is totally fed up with Time Warner Cable and calls them on air to cancel service. It takes nearly the WHOLE show for them to do it! Plus, a man from Haiti is friends with a demon.
When dealing with a TERRIBLE company like Time Warner, it is nice to have a black GENTLEMAN like Hab nearby.
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SOLO SHOWLO! On this episode, Jesse does the MEANEST, CRUELEST prank call ever, by convincing a homeless stranger he has a job for him. Later, he wraps up the controversy with Domino's Pizza.

Imagine being desperate for a job, and getting the call, only for it to turn out to be a HORRIBLE prank. Plus, a call from Swedish Brony weirdo, Sticky Hooves, that sends Jesse into a rage, and an extremely real and depressing segment on Jesse's mental health.

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MATT BACA is here! PIZZA PARTY! Matt and Jesse order a ridiculous amount of pizza to show how terrible Jesse's local Domino's Pizza is. The results are SHOCKING. Plus, we call the PRESIDENT OF PIZZA.

Have you ever, in the history of ever, ordered a pizza, had it come BURNED, and then get told by the pizza shop that it is YOUR FAULT!?

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ERIC LEWIS is here! Jesse presents Eric with some exciting new news about OLD MARY, Jesse's horrible ex-girlfriend who left him on Christmas! Eric introduces Jesse to a new trend called "COLOSTOMY MODELS."

In a bit of a surprise, our favorite simpleton redneck listener, TROY, calls in and gets a surprise of his own! A "female fan" who wants to meet him!

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Swedish Brony listener, Sticky Hooves has created his own pilot for a podcast on our network, the Pod Awful Channel. This is not your typical episode of Pod Awful. This was done completely by a mentally disturbed, infantile, depraved, horse lover. If you love My Little Pony, The Swedish Chef, or gratuitous sex, this is for you.

Tonight at 8pm EST we will be doing a live, full BONUS SHOW with commentary on this pilot episode. I will be joined by Chris Wilding of the Bi-Quarterly Women's Social Club. http://podawful.tv

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ALEX FOSSELLA is here! A huge amount of fallout from our ASMR episode leads Jesse to some more ranting. Alex has a friend of his who believes in ASMR call in and get berated, leading to an END OF THEIR FRIENDSHIP.

Jesse wraps up the Mary Two girlfriend saga, prank calls a twink porn studio, and deals with the horrible awkward moment of leading a friendship to its demise.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_726.mp3
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A SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT. We follow up on the episode about my ex-girlfriend, FULL DISCLOSURE, with a surprising and upsetting announcement. Plus we delve into the creepy world of ASMR, and the role playing videos that come with it.

Can we induce the spine tingling feeling in our listeners that this phenomenon purports to induce? Or do we just end up making fun of some gross idiot girl with big teeth? Find out!

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CRAIGSLIST ROULETTE prank calls! We posted three fake ads to the free section of Craigslist and pranked everyone who called in. The twist? The ads were suggested by listeners and the one with the most calls wins!

Hilarity ensues when a child puts Jesse on the phone with their mom who only speaks Spanish, a man refuses to take a dog that is missing legs, and a woman agrees to wait for a helicopter on the roof of a building!

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HAPPY DADDY'S DAY! MY DAD is here! My father, who was born in 1945, shares amazingly hilarious stories about what it was like when he was a kid, and how racist the world was. Also, Casey Kasem is a dead skull man.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_723.mp3
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THE LATE PROGRUM! Our guest is KEITH MACKLER of the band JUDAS BOOTH. Judas Booth performs, and we also get a visit from a strange doctor.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_Late_Progrum_4.mp3
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THE LATE PROGRUM! Our guest is Animal-Expert-To-The-Stars, ANDY BECKERMAN. Jesse tries to learn about animals despite the fact that Andy's knowledge is suspect.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_Late_Progrum_3.mp3
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THE LATE PROGRUM! Our guest is comedian ALEX FOSSELLA, we tell jokes and take some from the internet. A kid calls in to submit jokes, and we get him in trouble with his dad.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_Late_Progrum_2.mp3
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THE LATE PROGRUM! Our guest is SKIPPY JESSOP, a 36-year-old Mormon virgin. Plus: jokes and a TOP 3 list.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_Late_Progrum_1.mp3
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FRANK CAPRA is here! Frank is the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER for fastest talking woman alive! Things start off well, but when we open the phonelines it starts to go down hill. Then Frank walks out on the show because of a prank call.

We are joined by Frank's son, Spencer, who is making some sort of sex app, we get prank called by racists, and we accidentally call the police, forcing Frank and her son to walk out on the show leaving Jesse alone.

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AKEEM WILLACY is here! Akeem auditions for the part of co-host. We discover Akeem just may be on the "downlow." Things get racist and misogynistic as we rate women on a scale of 1-10 and rap battle.

We play a rap video by Nick Leyva to prove he is gay, listeners accuse Akeem of liking dudes, and we find out Jay-Z is actually gay too. This is the most homophobic episode ever. MO DOLLAZ MO BITCHEZ.

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BRANDON GILLESPIE and ALEX FOSSELLA are here! Brandon responded to an ad on Craigslist for a job as a radio co-host, and he is being pitted against Alex for the gig. An INSANE prank call happens that makes Brandon's friends HATE HIM.

Things start off very awkward when Brandon and Alex get needlessly racist, Brandon nearly makes Jesse cry talking about his dead co-host, and the guys all share their craziest sex stories. So who wins the title of NEW PERMANENT CO-HOST? Listen all the way through and find out!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_719.mp3
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MARK LEVY is here! After a hilarious prank call to Hot Pockets, Mark auditions for the position of PERMANENT COHOST! Jesse puts Mark through a terrible gauntlet of tests.

Mark is forced to drink beer, renounce his faith, and listen to audio of children DYING. Does he do it? Does he make the grade? Only one way to find out!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_718.mp3
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MARK BISI AND GREGG DANIELS are here! This is one you have to listen all the way to the end for! We play a rousing game of COIN OF DESTINY that takes a turn for the absolute WEIRD when Mark refuses to do the bit.

Jesse forces mark to eat a chunk of rotting cheese, and after attempting to get the show back on track, he is forced to ask Mark to leave the studio. What follows is the most AWKWARD thing that has EVER happened on Pod Awful. You won't believe your ears.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_717.mp3
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ERIC LEWIS is here! Eric is way too drunk and I have a totally new studio setup, so this show quickly becomes a disaster. We talk about our creepy, monster-like, home-town reporter, Mark Holmberg, and actually manage to get him on the phone!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_716.mp3
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MATT BACA is here! On this special Easter/ Hitler's Birthday episode we read off the 5 most racist comments on a World Star Hip Hop video, discover that black people are happier than white people, and get a video from Solo The Cholo!

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MYQ KAPLAN is here! Jesse has been trolled all week, played at his own game! Craigslist callers! He received a VERY disturbing set of emails from someone looking for a bike. He and Myq also call DARK GABLE to set up a rap battle with Tristan Starchild and something AMAZING HAPPENS!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_714.mp3
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PRANKSTRAVAGANZA! Our amazing April Fool's day prank call show. We play Craigslist Roulette, where we post three fake ads to the Free Section on Craigslist and troll the morons who call in. And one of our live viewers wins a prize!

Twink calling, ghost hauntings, and one of the most hilarious surprises, they all lead to some of our funniest pranks ever!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_PRANKSTRAVAGANZA.mp3
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BOBBY PICKLES and MARTINI are here! Bobby and Martini are screen printers and so Jesse reminisces about his days screen printing and his old man-child boss.

Later in the show we discuss the fallout from our Prank Call Special, the greatest prank Jesse ever pulled, and we cover top to bottom the latest pile of garbage from white rapper Tristan Starchild. He's on to us!

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MYKA FOX is here! Dave Kasten thought it'd be a good idea to "surprise" Myka by showing up, even though they don't like each other. Things get HORRIBLY AWKWARD when Myka brings up something awful from Dave's past.

We also talk about the Colbert Controversy, we go over our big "High School Reunion Prank," and Jesse has a theory about black people's hands.

This show is dedicated to all the dead kids from high school. Even the fake one.

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ERIK BERGSTROM is here! Jesse Introduces Erik and Wacky Yackie to the weird little boy who used to call in to the show, CREEPY DILLIN! That's right, he's back and weirder than ever! If you've never heard Creepy Dillin, don't miss this!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_711.mp3
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DAVE KASTEN is here! In an attempt to interview some weirdo schizophrenic "comedian" we found on Youtube, we get a barrage of trolling losers in our chatroom which leads to Jesse calling them all out for not being the tough guys they thought they were.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_710.mp3
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WILL AND BOBBY are here! A great conversation about the insanity of the Super Mario games kicks off the show, we then prank call a psychic and a painter who left his flier in Jesse's mailbox. We go over Tristan Starchild's new talk show and it all ends in an AMAZING freestyle rap battle!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_709.mp3
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JOSH GONDELMAN is here! We say fuck the Oscars and instead talk about porn and girlfriends. Jesse also went to Harlem to talk to black people about the new Fantastic Four movie. Also, gentrification is bullshit.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_708.mp3
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MICAH SHERMAN is here! Things get wacky as Jesse tries his best to talk about "adult topics." Micah makes it hard for Jesse to figure out what his new job should be. Definitely check out the video version!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_707_redo.mp3
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JUSTY DODGE is here! Justy was a Wiccan. Jesse calls three Chinese restaurants with complaints and gets a HUGE surprise. Girls like to get hit. Technical difficulties abound in our new studio setup. Thanks to Matt Baca for music.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_706.mp3
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ERIC LEWIS BONUS SHOW MATERIAL- Jesse Shows Eric his pee pee scars, and then they sing a song.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_705_Eric_Dick_Scar.mp3
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ERIC LEWIS is here! JESSE GOT DUMPED ON VALENTINE'S DAY. He tells the entire story that involves depression, lies, and a sex tape. Eric also reveals a time when one of Jesse's exes tried to sleep with him. This was a really tough one to get through, and it gets very emotional.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_705.mp3
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ALEX FOSSELLA is here! PART TWO of Black Misery Month. We continue on trolling rappers by talking to a 17-year-old named MAD Squabblz, and teaching him how to "talk on the radio." Things get super racist when a "caller," claiming to be black, starts throwing around the n-word. Also, some classic "Twink Calling."

Direct download: Pod_Awful_704.mp3
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ALEX FOSSELLA is here! Some Craigslist prank calls start off our show. We then trick a wannabe rapper into thinking he's on the real radio, and he has won tickets to see Kanye West. PART 1 of 2! Part 2 will be released on Wednesday.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_703.mp3
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BORIS KHAYKIN is here! Jesse's antithetical friend, Boris, stops by on a special Wednesday show to psychoanalyze Jesse for the social pariah he fears he has become. They also do some jokes from Twitter and Boris reveals that he caused a friend's divorce.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_702.mp3
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DAVE KASTEN is here! We all mourn the loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman as Wacky Yackie returns fresh from a CAR WRECK! Jesse then, rather poorly timed, blames her for wasting Dr Peppers on the show. David learns about Macklemore. Frankie MacDonald is our retarded dance slave.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_701.mp3
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JON HEFFLEY is here! SEASON 7 kicks off with an extremely cringe-worthy show. Jon's dad and girlfriend call in, which leads to a VERY embarrassing fact about Jon being revealed. Also, his views on God being a dream, Ancient Aliens being real, and "facts" about the 9/11 Conspiracy.

It all ends with a call from God himself and a prank call to a prayer hotline. You will not believe the insanity that is Jon Heffley.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_700.mp3
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CRAIGSLIST ROULETTE! Prank calls galore, and some of the best bits yet! A Spanish guitarist wants his kid humiliated, a woman will pay food stamps for her puppy, and a music lover wants Rhythm by Sound Machine. Also, Jesse gets scolded by a woman for teaching a kid about beastiality.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_Prank_Call_Bonus_Show_6-7.mp3
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