Pod Awful is imagination terrorism that broadcasts LIVE every Sunday and Wednesday at 8pm EST! Host Jesse P-S bullies the internet's weirdest people and darkest corners. Jesse has been arrested LIVE on the show. He was investigated by the secret service. He's taken down notorious pedophiles, prank called celebrities, and went to war with the internet's craziest denizens. This is the only comedy podcast that will actually make you laugh, and you will hate yourself for doing it.

Pod Awful is imagination terrorism that broadcasts LIVE every Sunday and Wednesday at 8pm EST! Host Jesse P-S bullies the internet's weirdest people and darkest corners. Jesse has been arrested LIVE on the show. He was investigated by the secret service. He's taken down notorious pedophiles, prank called celebrities, and went to war with the internet's craziest denizens. This is the only comedy podcast that will actually make you laugh, and you will hate yourself for doing it.

BRANDON GILLESPIE and ALEX FOSSELLA are here! Brandon responded to an ad on Craigslist for a job as a radio co-host, and he is being pitted against Alex for the gig. An INSANE prank call happens that makes Brandon's friends HATE HIM.

Things start off very awkward when Brandon and Alex get needlessly racist, Brandon nearly makes Jesse cry talking about his dead co-host, and the guys all share their craziest sex stories. So who wins the title of NEW PERMANENT CO-HOST? Listen all the way through and find out!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_719.mp3
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MARK LEVY is here! After a hilarious prank call to Hot Pockets, Mark auditions for the position of PERMANENT COHOST! Jesse puts Mark through a terrible gauntlet of tests.

Mark is forced to drink beer, renounce his faith, and listen to audio of children DYING. Does he do it? Does he make the grade? Only one way to find out!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_718.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:45pm EST

MARK BISI AND GREGG DANIELS are here! This is one you have to listen all the way to the end for! We play a rousing game of COIN OF DESTINY that takes a turn for the absolute WEIRD when Mark refuses to do the bit.

Jesse forces mark to eat a chunk of rotting cheese, and after attempting to get the show back on track, he is forced to ask Mark to leave the studio. What follows is the most AWKWARD thing that has EVER happened on Pod Awful. You won't believe your ears.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_717.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:28pm EST

ERIC LEWIS is here! Eric is way too drunk and I have a totally new studio setup, so this show quickly becomes a disaster. We talk about our creepy, monster-like, home-town reporter, Mark Holmberg, and actually manage to get him on the phone!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_716.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:10pm EST

MATT BACA is here! On this special Easter/ Hitler's Birthday episode we read off the 5 most racist comments on a World Star Hip Hop video, discover that black people are happier than white people, and get a video from Solo The Cholo!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_715.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:32am EST

MYQ KAPLAN is here! Jesse has been trolled all week, played at his own game! Craigslist callers! He received a VERY disturbing set of emails from someone looking for a bike. He and Myq also call DARK GABLE to set up a rap battle with Tristan Starchild and something AMAZING HAPPENS!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_714.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:50pm EST

PRANKSTRAVAGANZA! Our amazing April Fool's day prank call show. We play Craigslist Roulette, where we post three fake ads to the Free Section on Craigslist and troll the morons who call in. And one of our live viewers wins a prize!

Twink calling, ghost hauntings, and one of the most hilarious surprises, they all lead to some of our funniest pranks ever!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_PRANKSTRAVAGANZA.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:24pm EST

BOBBY PICKLES and MARTINI are here! Bobby and Martini are screen printers and so Jesse reminisces about his days screen printing and his old man-child boss.

Later in the show we discuss the fallout from our Prank Call Special, the greatest prank Jesse ever pulled, and we cover top to bottom the latest pile of garbage from white rapper Tristan Starchild. He's on to us!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_713.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:56pm EST

MYKA FOX is here! Dave Kasten thought it'd be a good idea to "surprise" Myka by showing up, even though they don't like each other. Things get HORRIBLY AWKWARD when Myka brings up something awful from Dave's past.

We also talk about the Colbert Controversy, we go over our big "High School Reunion Prank," and Jesse has a theory about black people's hands.

This show is dedicated to all the dead kids from high school. Even the fake one.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_712.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:46pm EST

ERIK BERGSTROM is here! Jesse Introduces Erik and Wacky Yackie to the weird little boy who used to call in to the show, CREEPY DILLIN! That's right, he's back and weirder than ever! If you've never heard Creepy Dillin, don't miss this!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_711.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:59pm EST

DAVE KASTEN is here! In an attempt to interview some weirdo schizophrenic "comedian" we found on Youtube, we get a barrage of trolling losers in our chatroom which leads to Jesse calling them all out for not being the tough guys they thought they were.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_710.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 3:38am EST

WILL AND BOBBY are here! A great conversation about the insanity of the Super Mario games kicks off the show, we then prank call a psychic and a painter who left his flier in Jesse's mailbox. We go over Tristan Starchild's new talk show and it all ends in an AMAZING freestyle rap battle!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_709.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:05am EST

JOSH GONDELMAN is here! We say fuck the Oscars and instead talk about porn and girlfriends. Jesse also went to Harlem to talk to black people about the new Fantastic Four movie. Also, gentrification is bullshit.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_708.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:12am EST

MICAH SHERMAN is here! Things get wacky as Jesse tries his best to talk about "adult topics." Micah makes it hard for Jesse to figure out what his new job should be. Definitely check out the video version!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_707_redo.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:45pm EST

JUSTY DODGE is here! Justy was a Wiccan. Jesse calls three Chinese restaurants with complaints and gets a HUGE surprise. Girls like to get hit. Technical difficulties abound in our new studio setup. Thanks to Matt Baca for music.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_706.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:45pm EST

ERIC LEWIS BONUS SHOW MATERIAL- Jesse Shows Eric his pee pee scars, and then they sing a song.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_705_Eric_Dick_Scar.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:01am EST

ERIC LEWIS is here! JESSE GOT DUMPED ON VALENTINE'S DAY. He tells the entire story that involves depression, lies, and a sex tape. Eric also reveals a time when one of Jesse's exes tried to sleep with him. This was a really tough one to get through, and it gets very emotional.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_705.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:48pm EST

ALEX FOSSELLA is here! PART TWO of Black Misery Month. We continue on trolling rappers by talking to a 17-year-old named MAD Squabblz, and teaching him how to "talk on the radio." Things get super racist when a "caller," claiming to be black, starts throwing around the n-word. Also, some classic "Twink Calling."

Direct download: Pod_Awful_704.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:35am EST

ALEX FOSSELLA is here! Some Craigslist prank calls start off our show. We then trick a wannabe rapper into thinking he's on the real radio, and he has won tickets to see Kanye West. PART 1 of 2! Part 2 will be released on Wednesday.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_703.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:32pm EST

BORIS KHAYKIN is here! Jesse's antithetical friend, Boris, stops by on a special Wednesday show to psychoanalyze Jesse for the social pariah he fears he has become. They also do some jokes from Twitter and Boris reveals that he caused a friend's divorce.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_702.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:45pm EST

DAVE KASTEN is here! We all mourn the loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman as Wacky Yackie returns fresh from a CAR WRECK! Jesse then, rather poorly timed, blames her for wasting Dr Peppers on the show. David learns about Macklemore. Frankie MacDonald is our retarded dance slave.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_701.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:54pm EST

JON HEFFLEY is here! SEASON 7 kicks off with an extremely cringe-worthy show. Jon's dad and girlfriend call in, which leads to a VERY embarrassing fact about Jon being revealed. Also, his views on God being a dream, Ancient Aliens being real, and "facts" about the 9/11 Conspiracy.


It all ends with a call from God himself and a prank call to a prayer hotline. You will not believe the insanity that is Jon Heffley.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_700.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 2:28am EST

CRAIGSLIST ROULETTE! Prank calls galore, and some of the best bits yet! A Spanish guitarist wants his kid humiliated, a woman will pay food stamps for her puppy, and a music lover wants Rhythm by Sound Machine. Also, Jesse gets scolded by a woman for teaching a kid about beastiality.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_Prank_Call_Bonus_Show_6-7.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:06am EST

My favorite episode from last season. Enjoy it again or for the first time!

Direct download: Craigslist_Roulette_-_Prank_Calls_-_Ep._620.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:44pm EST

Thanks to everyone who got us in the top 100 on iTunes. Season 7 starts soon. I'm in Colorado!

Direct download: Season-6-7-Bridge.m4a
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:35pm EST

SASHEER ZAMATA from SNL. A classic episode! Sasheer, Nicole Byer, and Keisha Zollar join me to discuss mysteries in a fabulous Black History Month episode. Subscribe on iTunes!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_Sasheer_rerelease.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 8:00am EST

ALEX FOSSELLA is here! REDDIT WAR! Our podcast network's Facebook group went to war with the Podcasts Subreddit and it quickly became a heist movie. We had a ragtag team, we had a plan, and we had... A MOLE! We find out who the mole is and he CALLS IN TO THE SHOW!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_628.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:06am EST

MATT BACA is here! OK Cupid Stinks. Man with two penises on Reddit. Tristan Starchild's terrbile new song leads to some Chinese Food pranks calls. Wacky  Yackie is a girl on the internet.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_627.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:23am EST

ADAM HINIKER is here! Jaclyn Rae is my cohost. This is the end of the REDDIT TRILOGY. I found Jackie on Reddit, will she suck? Also, Vance Barber, my hate mail stalker, has sent his cohost Adam to defend him. Later, Vance himself calls in.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_626.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 4:34am EST

NICE PODCAST is here! Neil, Kunal, and Max join me to talk about an INSANE hate mail I received. We play a video sketch with a new Pod Awful Character. Jesse makes prank phone calls to psychics. We get a surprise phone call from the author of the hate mail!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_625.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:52am EST

MATT KODNER is sort of here. I mean, he was present, but I wish he wasn't. The worst guest i've ever had. This was the worst episode I've ever done, all thanks to Matt's sensitive little nature. FUCK REDDIT.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_624.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:46am EST

SAMMI GARETT is here! I now have a dick tube, Sammi is a rockstar, Tristan Starchild sucks, Making fatties cry, Waitresses are shit, and a prank call to John the Vegan. Bonus: A song by Turkuaz!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_623.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 2:39am EST

MARK BISI is here! Paul is Dead. Paul Walker that is. More BIZARRE  Craigslist Roulette prank calls, including one with a FAMOUS ACTRESS! A quick round of "Does Jesse Like It?" Jesse gets surgery this week, so he might be a dead skull man. Like Paul.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_622.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:57am EST

ERIC LEWIS (And some nerds) are here! We have some voicemails of angry Craigslisters from last week, Eric gets a surprise call from his mom, I introduce you to a man named "Tristan Starchild," and two dweebs who play Starcraft join us.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_621.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:50am EST

We REVERSE PRANK CALLED a bunch of total creeps from Craigslist by posting that we have free baby clothes, porn, and a PS3. This includes the most INSANE prank call I have ever heard with an angry man threatening me and totally unable to hang up his phone. BONUS: a prank call to a retarded twink.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_620.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:12am EST

UPDATE SHOW. This is one you should only listen to if you are already a fan. Some updates on my health, the state of the show, and a surprise call from m'girlfriend, Mary.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_619.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:09pm EST

AWFULWEEN! KEITH MACKLER and NICK LEYVA are here! Keith and Nick worked with Jesse at the Haunted House that had him arrested, Jesse snuck back into the haunted house and got video, We talk to psychics and Ghost Hunters, the Puzzlemaster leads to some prank calls to twinks.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_618.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 2:20am EST

MYQ KAPLAN is here! Jesse tries gaslighting Myq, a Swedish Brony gets Jesse to write a ridicuous Gangnam Style parody for an idiotic Israeli woman, we play a hilarious song by Myq and Micah Sherman, Cypress Hill is also in studio.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_617.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:08am EST

PRANK CALLS! "Jerome" just lost his two young daughters, so time to give their flatscreen TVs away for free to losers on Craigslist! These TVs are haunted, by the way. PLUS: A call to a Christian Prayer Hotline that goes INSANE.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_616.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:08am EST

MARK LEVY is here!  Brand new game, COIN OF DESTINY, nearly makes Mark cry as he is forced to lie to his friends about something horrifyingly embarrassing. One of those with a HUGE payoff at the end, with a lot of crazy in between. #HashtagsAreDead

Direct download: Pod_Awful_615.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 3:12am EST

ERIC LEWIS is here! Pod Awful is now on Adult Swim! Eric plays "blind soccer" with Japanese kids, brand new toon called "Badass Grampa," new segment: Does Jesse Like It? #PodAwfulOnAdultSwim

Direct download: Pod_Awful_614.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:27am EST

MARSHALL STRATTON is here! Marshall is a feminist hero. Brand new Pod Awful character! Brand new video with an ugly girl! Happy birthday, Robster! #TellAGirlShesUgly

Direct download: Pod_Awful_613.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:44am EST

ERIC LEWIS is here! Smell yo dick, 107 year old man dies in a shootout with the police, Eric's grandpa is the HNIC, Two brand new CARTOONS! #TellAGirlShesUgly

Direct download: Pod_Awful_612.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 2:45am EST

ERIC LEWIS is here! Eric's wedding was nearly ruined by my kidney stones, we know the biggest pussy in the world, and Eric gives his "movie reviews." Bonus show, be nice.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_611.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 8:03pm EST

DANNY LOBELL and KYLIE JANE WAKEFIELD are here! Very serious predictions are made, Jesse is getting the worst surgery ever, and how Breaking Bad WILL END. #BreakfastSyria

Direct download: Pod_Awful_610.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 6:25pm EST

WILL AND BOBBY are here! Dan Aykroyd is sexually attracted to ghosts. The voice of the Mario Bros. is a sad old man. Reddit is stupid. Daddy is losing his dick. Stand up jokes. #PeeBag4Life

Direct download: Pod_Awful_609.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 2:38am EST

IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST EPISODE: Go listen to another one. This isnt for you! May I recommend the one where I interview Andrew WK? (405) Or the one with the crazy psychic prank calls? (505) Or the one where someone pays me to talk like a mammy? (605) This episode: Jesse got stabbed IN THE DICK.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_608.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:59am EST

PJ and JENNI are here! PJ and Jenni are old friends of mine from Virginia and we get into some funny stories from the old days. Plus: learn the secret of LYMAN. Who is LYMAN? Where did LYMAN go? #TooSoon

Direct download: Pod_Awful_607.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 5:43pm EST

ERIC LEWIS is here! Stay tuned for an amazing Trayvon Martin Sketch written by Nick Leyva and performed by Chris Wilding of the BQWSC. Eric's dogs shit everywhere. Lots of funny jokes. #DiarrheaOfAnneFrank

Direct download: Pod_Awful_606.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:44am EST

MARK LEVY is here! This episode is totally controlled by listeners who sent in Fiverr requests! I'm forced to read Brony fanfics, talk like Mammy from Gone With The Wind and more! Plus: Superman vs. Batman vs. Zimmerman, porn, Jay-Z, dad talk... #RIPDtrayvon

Direct download: Pod_Awful_605.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:44am EST

ERIC LEWIS is here! Eric and I tell the full Bachelor Party in the mountains story, and play some clips of the roast we had for Eric. Eric also ruins an old tale Jesse tries to share. #TrayvonFartin

Direct download: Pod_Awful_604.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:55pm EST

MARK THOMAS is here! I spent the weekend in the mountains, and some creepy stuff went down. A brony pays me to sing a song by the Westboro Baptist Church. We read some jokes submitted to the show.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_603.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:20am EST

ANDY BECKERMAN is here! Jesse went to the Coney Island Mermaid parade and brought back a video full of boobs. Later, he burns his ex-girlfriend's marriage certificate. Andy is pissed.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_602.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:15pm EST

SEASON SIX PREMIERE! MICAH SHERMAN is here! Our show has been totally revamped with video!You gotta watch live on Sundays! Happy Daddy's Day! Jesse tells a Shorts Story and calls his dad. Things get racist.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_601.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:15am EST

ERIC LEWIS is here! Last episode before the new season. Unwind with us as we get ready for a new era. This is a mellowcast.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_511.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 2:48am EST

Will and Bobby take over Pod Awful since Jesse is a dead skull man.

Direct download: The_Will_and_Bobby_Years.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 7:25pm EST

ERIC LEWIS is here! Jesse decided to do one more show. He smells and this show stinks.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_509.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:54pm EST

EDDIE BRAWLEY is here. This is the last show. I'm done. I'm being kicked out of the house. We have a studio audience with Robster and Mary. No not that Mary. This Mary is better. Half of the episode didn't record, but fuck it, right?

Direct download: Pod_Awful_508.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:38pm EST

WILL AND BOBBY KNOW EVERYTHING are here! Will and I talk a little about suicide and then smash the fuck out of Bobby's laptop. Plus some ex-girlfriend talk, and Jesse has a new crush. Then lots of ridiculous impressions. This show is ridiculous. Fuck Reddit.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_507.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:22am EST

MARSHALL STRATTON is here! After revealing a secret about my grandma, The Puzzlemaster challenges Marshall to a game. We also have a very frank discussion about therapy. Ish gets real, son.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_506.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:43pm EST

VINCE the SHAMWOW GUY is here! We prank call Taco Bell, read a little poetry and play some good tunes. A man, a plan, a canal - PANAMA!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_666.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:46pm EST

ANDY BECKERMAN from Wrestling Team and Beginnings Podcast is here! SO MANY PRANK CALLS. We posted an ad on craigslist telling people we were psychics, and we try our best to help out all the callers.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_505.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 3:14am EST

MYQ KAPLAN is here! We talk about pathological liars, airplanes being amazing, Star Wars being scary, My new forehead tumor, lame comic books, and we prank call psychic Teresa again.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_504.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:11pm EST

KISSING CONTEST is here! Mike and Doan get a challenge from the Puzzlemaster. One wins Dr Pepper, one wins slop in a bottle that smells like fish. Also, Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos from Taco Bell, Smashmouth and Miss Cleo.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_503.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 4:01am EST

LISTENER DUNCAN is here! We go over the rules of the new Pod Awful TV drinking game, prank call a psychic, and get really awkward in front of a live studio audience.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_502_edited.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 4:33pm EST

SEASON FIVE! MIKE BLEJER is here! We reveal the mysteries of "TREY," and we start a new fortune telling segment with Teresa. Join the Pizza Fund for the full video version of the podcast!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_501.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:52pm EST

IMPORTANT STUFF! #SeasonFive starts soon! Lets make it huge!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_Season_4-5_bridge.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:22am EST

NO ONE is here! Jesse discovers a dark secret about the guy that accidentally posted his request for a threeway to Youtube. Also, A little tale about true love. Also, cocks.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_425.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 3:41am EST

THE DOWNTOWN GIRLS are here! Rick Ross gets unchained like Django, Maya Angelou gets HIV again from SlingAIDS, Ginuwine lets us ride his pony.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_424.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 4:21am EST

ROBECAST! Jesse is super, super depressed. He doesn't want to live anymore. He is naked and in a robe. He is also a Morgan Freeman now. Stop listening to this show. Its bad.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_423.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:28am EST

BRONIES are here! Jesse finally gets to the bottom of this whole stupid My Little Pony thing and what a Brony is with a real life Brony, Sticky Hooves! Check out the video version by joining The Pizza Fund!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_422.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:06am EST

MARK THOMAS is here! First half of the show is the EPIC FINALE to the ex-girlfriend saga. This story is nuts. Second half is about mine and Mark's experience on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_421.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:43am EST

HURRICANE MARATHON SHOW! Mark Thomas, RG Daniels, Marshall Stratton, Andrew Durso, Aaron Gold

Direct download: Pod_Awful_Marathon_4.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 8:24am EST

SAMMI GARETT is here! I saw a bunch of hippie freaks while watching Sammi's band perform. We ran into her abusive boyfriend. Also, Dr Pepper rivals, Marilyn Manson, and Power Rangers. 

Direct download: Pod_Awful_420.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:42am EST

RG DANIELS is here! Its our 3 year anniversary! Mein Kampf for Hanukkah, The "CH-Word," and sci-fi herpes. PROMISE ME YOU WILL LISTEN ALL THE WAY THROUGH, lots of important stuff in this one.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_419.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 3:20pm EST

DANNY LOBELL is here! Jesse finds out that he has a new "urban youth" demographic thanks to Danny. Creepy Dillin tunes in again for the first time in months. Jesse tries to share a story about black people. Also, Native American party-goer, the newest character sweeping the nation!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_418.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:49am EST

HURRICANE MARATHON SHOW! Josh Gondelman, Wrestling Team, Richard Prado of the Anti-Semantic Show. Donate Here: http://podawful.com/redcross

Direct download: Pod_Awful_Marathon_3.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:42am EST

HURRICANE MARATHON SHOW! Jeff Rubin and Streeter Seidell of CollegeHumor and Andy Beckerman and Mark Bisi of Wrestling Team and Beginnings. Donete here: http://podawful.com/redcross

Direct download: Pod_Awful_Marathon_2.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 6:13pm EST

HURRICANE MARATHON SHOW! Myq Kaplan, Abbi Crutchfield, Luke Thayer, Boris Kaykin. Donete here: http://podawful.com/redcross

Direct download: Pod_Awful_Marathon_1.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:03pm EST

KRISTEN LUCAS is here! Things get oddly scientific as we talk about dinosaurs and animal genitalia. We also discuss the differences between the sexes. MAKE SURE TO TUNE IN THIS SATURDAY, NOV 17TH AT 5PM FOR OUR HUGE MARATHON SHOW!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_417.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 4:41am EST

ETHAN STANISLAWSKI is here! Voting is stupid. Ethan joins the Wu-Tang Clan. Top 5 Batmen. More terrible roommate talk.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_416.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 8:05am EST

ATTENTION NEW LISTENERS! (and old) Definitely check this episode out for info!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_New_Listeners.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 2:19pm EST

SAMMI GARETT is here! I finally find out what the girls in elementary school were learning about while the boys learned about wangs. (Turns out, its blood). Also, listener Alex and Sammi bring everything to a spectacular, musical conclusion.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_415.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 7:07am EST

BORIS KHAYKIN is here! We stop being a comedy show and start getting real. Then we talk about silly news stories like the Hulk Hogan sex tape. This show sucks.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_414.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 4:19am EST

JEN REMAURO is here! Obituaries and death, vaudeville comedy, pooping, and giving birth on tv. Its a weird one.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_413.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:42pm EST

MARY is here. THIS IS THE ROOMMATE EPISODE. For the past 9 months I have had the world's worst roommate, hear all about the epic tale.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_412.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:44pm EST

RG DANIELS is here! Amazing prank calls, Green Day sucks, the 17 stages of depression, Dick Clark is an old dead pervert, beatboxing, and things get pyschedelic as shit.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_411.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 7:18am EST

MICAH SHERMAN is here! Micah wins the Dr. Pepper prize patrol and I talk about my day in court! I might be in jail right now!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_410.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:22am EST

JULIAN KROSS is here! We plan the next 9/11, discover Brazilian Fart Porn, and Jesse gives his philosophy on why nothing matters, and why you should start stealing.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_409.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 1:26am EST

DANNY LOBELL is here! I auditioned for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, find out if I made it on! Plus: Australian racist party and weird news.

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ITS A FUCKING PARTY! It was labor day and a bunch of my cohosts came over, got drunk and talked into my mics. Also, we interviewed some crazy bitch who smoked crack!

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ERIC LEWIS is here! Eric and I go on a tirade about tipping, My dad talks about how he hates Eric, and we prank call a guy who orders pizza from a gay bar. Weird!

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ANDREW WK IS HERE! FUCK YEAH! Jesse pour Sriracha up his nose to recreate Andrew's famous album cover "I Get Wet". Andrew Answers phone calls from fans! This show was amazing!

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ADAM and VANCE of EARCANDY are here! We talk about the patented "reverse stranger," Vance tells us about his dead brother who overdosed on heroin, I call my Dad and embarass him (NO BREAKING BAD SPOILERS!) and we talk about redheads and boobs.

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ERIC SILVER is here! We take bath salts and krokodil, talk to Chris Hardwick and Gilbert Gottfried, write songs about hand jobs, and expose Reggie Watts for the talentless fuck he is. Also, more Creepy Dillin, Youtube celebs, and Fortune Cookie Time™!

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RG DANIELS is here! We get real depressed and talk about suicide, particularly my comedy hero, BUDD DWYER. Then we talk about mopes versus bubbly girls and if cavemen ate rocks.

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SATURDAY SOLO SHOW! I don't know how girl's clothes work, learn to use iTunes, Texting pictures of poop, and a Fiverr Prank Call ends up paying off right at the end!

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SAMMI GARETT is here! MCA is finally dead. Listener Dillin is a freak of nature. Prank calls! Nightmares! Boobs! Taking Molly! Rihanna loves fisting.

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JACKIE KASHIAN (Comedy Central, Dork Forest) is here! Jackie reveals her crush for an old, old man and tries to help cure AIDS. Jesse almost gets killed at a haunted house. Both dork out to an embarrassing degree.

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New Website, New Shows, New Stories!

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