Pod Awful is imagination terrorism that broadcasts LIVE every Sunday and Wednesday at 8pm EST! Host Jesse P-S bullies the internet's weirdest people and darkest corners. Jesse has been arrested LIVE on the show. He was investigated by the secret service. He's taken down notorious pedophiles, prank called celebrities, and went to war with the internet's craziest denizens. This is the only comedy podcast that will actually make you laugh, and you will hate yourself for doing it.

Pod Awful is imagination terrorism that broadcasts LIVE every Sunday and Wednesday at 8pm EST! Host Jesse P-S bullies the internet's weirdest people and darkest corners. Jesse has been arrested LIVE on the show. He was investigated by the secret service. He's taken down notorious pedophiles, prank called celebrities, and went to war with the internet's craziest denizens. This is the only comedy podcast that will actually make you laugh, and you will hate yourself for doing it.

HURRICANE MARATHON SHOW! Mark Thomas, RG Daniels, Marshall Stratton, Andrew Durso, Aaron Gold

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SAMMI GARETT is here! I saw a bunch of hippie freaks while watching Sammi's band perform. We ran into her abusive boyfriend. Also, Dr Pepper rivals, Marilyn Manson, and Power Rangers. 

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RG DANIELS is here! Its our 3 year anniversary! Mein Kampf for Hanukkah, The "CH-Word," and sci-fi herpes. PROMISE ME YOU WILL LISTEN ALL THE WAY THROUGH, lots of important stuff in this one.

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DANNY LOBELL is here! Jesse finds out that he has a new "urban youth" demographic thanks to Danny. Creepy Dillin tunes in again for the first time in months. Jesse tries to share a story about black people. Also, Native American party-goer, the newest character sweeping the nation!

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HURRICANE MARATHON SHOW! Josh Gondelman, Wrestling Team, Richard Prado of the Anti-Semantic Show. Donate Here: http://podawful.com/redcross

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HURRICANE MARATHON SHOW! Jeff Rubin and Streeter Seidell of CollegeHumor and Andy Beckerman and Mark Bisi of Wrestling Team and Beginnings. Donete here: http://podawful.com/redcross

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HURRICANE MARATHON SHOW! Myq Kaplan, Abbi Crutchfield, Luke Thayer, Boris Kaykin. Donete here: http://podawful.com/redcross

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KRISTEN LUCAS is here! Things get oddly scientific as we talk about dinosaurs and animal genitalia. We also discuss the differences between the sexes. MAKE SURE TO TUNE IN THIS SATURDAY, NOV 17TH AT 5PM FOR OUR HUGE MARATHON SHOW!

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ETHAN STANISLAWSKI is here! Voting is stupid. Ethan joins the Wu-Tang Clan. Top 5 Batmen. More terrible roommate talk.

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ATTENTION NEW LISTENERS! (and old) Definitely check this episode out for info!

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SAMMI GARETT is here! I finally find out what the girls in elementary school were learning about while the boys learned about wangs. (Turns out, its blood). Also, listener Alex and Sammi bring everything to a spectacular, musical conclusion.

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BORIS KHAYKIN is here! We stop being a comedy show and start getting real. Then we talk about silly news stories like the Hulk Hogan sex tape. This show sucks.

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JEN REMAURO is here! Obituaries and death, vaudeville comedy, pooping, and giving birth on tv. Its a weird one.

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MARY is here. THIS IS THE ROOMMATE EPISODE. For the past 9 months I have had the world's worst roommate, hear all about the epic tale.

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RG DANIELS is here! Amazing prank calls, Green Day sucks, the 17 stages of depression, Dick Clark is an old dead pervert, beatboxing, and things get pyschedelic as shit.

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MICAH SHERMAN is here! Micah wins the Dr. Pepper prize patrol and I talk about my day in court! I might be in jail right now!

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JULIAN KROSS is here! We plan the next 9/11, discover Brazilian Fart Porn, and Jesse gives his philosophy on why nothing matters, and why you should start stealing.

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DANNY LOBELL is here! I auditioned for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, find out if I made it on! Plus: Australian racist party and weird news.

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ITS A FUCKING PARTY! It was labor day and a bunch of my cohosts came over, got drunk and talked into my mics. Also, we interviewed some crazy bitch who smoked crack!

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ERIC LEWIS is here! Eric and I go on a tirade about tipping, My dad talks about how he hates Eric, and we prank call a guy who orders pizza from a gay bar. Weird!

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ANDREW WK IS HERE! FUCK YEAH! Jesse pour Sriracha up his nose to recreate Andrew's famous album cover "I Get Wet". Andrew Answers phone calls from fans! This show was amazing!

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ADAM and VANCE of EARCANDY are here! We talk about the patented "reverse stranger," Vance tells us about his dead brother who overdosed on heroin, I call my Dad and embarass him (NO BREAKING BAD SPOILERS!) and we talk about redheads and boobs.

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MICAH SHERMAN is here! Jesse tells tales of when he destroyed a monster truck, ruined a pep rally, and attacked his principal with hornets. All to the chagrin of Micah. Plus, shitty phone calls and Micah likes midgets.

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Jesse calls Dad and Breaks Bad. They recount a time when Jesse's cousin got covered head to toe in shit. Also, Jesse tries to set Mary's hair on fire and more.

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MYQ KAPLAN is here! In this season premiere we revel in the good times! Also: Jesus was a rapist, Jesse is a bad person, Dane Cook isn't that bad, Snoop Dogg is now Snoop Lioni and will later be Snoop Idiot, and all the Olympians are fucking children.

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MARY my girlfriend is here! Mary went to the STD clinic. Jesse reads Maya Angelou AIDS poetry. We play "Calling Dad, Breaking Bad" and find out secrets from my Dad's past. I hit Mary right in the fucking face.

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RG DANIELS is here! We have a juicy BLIND ITEM! We start a new segment "Calling Dad, Breaking Bad."  Listener Jarid has me prank call his job at McDonald's. Also, candy talk, and coconuts.

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EXODUS - Episode 349

ERIC LEWIS is here! And then he's not! In a first on Pod Awful, the cohost WALKS OFF THE SHOW! Also, stupid black kids and a follow up to the April Fools Day prank episode!

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This episode was nuts. Just listen to the end, I promise its worth it.

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ERIC SILVER is here! We take bath salts and krokodil, talk to Chris Hardwick and Gilbert Gottfried, write songs about hand jobs, and expose Reggie Watts for the talentless fuck he is. Also, more Creepy Dillin, Youtube celebs, and Fortune Cookie Time™!

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RG DANIELS is here! We get real depressed and talk about suicide, particularly my comedy hero, BUDD DWYER. Then we talk about mopes versus bubbly girls and if cavemen ate rocks.

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SATURDAY SOLO SHOW! I don't know how girl's clothes work, learn to use iTunes, Texting pictures of poop, and a Fiverr Prank Call ends up paying off right at the end!

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MARY my girlfriend is here! Mary just moved in with me, she is a bed wetter, we have Fortune Cookie Time, We have another #SWAGreview, We talk to creepy Dillin. This episode has the WORKS!

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THE ARREST STORY! I was arrested because of the last episode, so go back and hear it if you haven't, then get all the deets in this episode! PLUS: No more of THAT joke, creepy Dillin calls in, and a new game called "Mom or Dad?" This shit is surreal!

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MIKE SAPP is here! I lost my job! Also: My Girls, Lou Bega, Mambo #5, Kurt Loder, ruining one of my favorite jams and much much more!

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EDDIE BRAWLEY is here! Dog walking, Deaf people are assholes, Magic isn't real, Go see movies, No fatties. Also, THE DEBUT OF A BRAND NEW SEGMENT! YOU'LL LOVE IT! Ya gotta share this episode on your Facebook and Twitter! Word of mouth is key! Do it!

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A special prank call video by Jesse P-S and Lorelei Ramirez. Watch LIVE every Monday and Wednesday at 8pm EST! http://podawful.com/tv

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ETHAN STANISLAWSKI is here! Jesse had one of the worst week's of his life and he's fucking pissed. Health, Roommate, Job, and Lady problems! To quote Ice-T, "All these niggas is havin' girl problems." Also, old moms are obsolete, and another prank call!

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SAMMI GARETT is here! MCA is finally dead. Listener Dillin is a freak of nature. Prank calls! Nightmares! Boobs! Taking Molly! Rihanna loves fisting.

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Not a Real Show! Listener Jarid called in after a show and we talked for a crazy long time. He is a child and works at McDonald's so I had to teach him about life so he wouldn't be stupid.

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THE PUZZLEMASTER SHALL SHOW YOU THE TRUE PAIN. Also, listener Duncan was raped and peed on. This show is fucking nuts. Happy Birthday, Michael?

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My nephew is fucking up, Community College is for old, gross housewives, I'm starving, UNIVERSAL RULE: Spoiler Alerts, the Nerdist still sucks.

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FLYING SOLO! Dick Clark is a dead old pervert, Marlon Brando sucked Wally Cox, Ke$ha is stupid, time for another celeb death pool, I never wanna die, Breaking Bad is better than Mad Men, Ted Nugent wants Obama dead, Pod Awful is a cult, I kill an entire religion, body wash is for gays.

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SAMMI GARETT is here! Sammi shares with me her recent online dating horror stories and the worst breakup she's ever had. Also I teach her what a vajanus is.

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ETHAN STANISLAWSKI is here! ATTENTION!!! If this is your first episode, TURN BACK NOW. Go listen to other episodes, fall in love, and then come back. We get attacked by another podcast and the whole first half is a trainwreck. Second half isn't too terrible a show though. Red Bar Radio takeover.

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LAHNA TURNER didn't show up! So I surprise Mary with a phone call, then talk about Trayvon Martin and retards. Good times.

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ADAM HINIKER is here! I update Adam on the situation with Mary and I reveal AN EPIC APRIL FOOL'S DAY PRANK! Also discussed: Jungle Fever, Blendr, charity, fresh prince, Fiverr, My Father, Brazilians, boobs and butts, and Perry Caravello.

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STEPHANIE STREISAND is here! Updates on how it went with my ex-girlfriend. We also give English speaking lessons for foreign listeners, and also STEPHANIE GOES CRAZY AND HOLDS A KNIFE TO MY THROAT.

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MARY MY EX-GIRLFRIEND is here! We divulge secrets, make each other sad, and slowly devolve over this hour and a half long show! And there is a dramatic ending! (Sorry for poor audio toward the end, mic was being a bigger c*nt than Mary.)

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DANNY LOBELL is here! (Also a little doggie. Also My ex-girlfriend. Insert misogynist joke here.) We receive hatemail, anger the transgendered community, play some skits from comedy legend Steve Shaw, and have a fortune cookie.

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NOBODY is here! Jesse slowly goes crazy throughout the episode while talking about being internet famous on Reddit, God, retarded kids, being bad at girls, having a fortune cookie, and getting a call from SuperFan Schwartzica. FERNINGEGGIE!

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JACKIE KASHIAN (Comedy Central, Dork Forest) is here! Jackie reveals her crush for an old, old man and tries to help cure AIDS. Jesse almost gets killed at a haunted house. Both dork out to an embarrassing degree.

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ERIC LEWIS is here! During the build up to the long awaited "Belly Button Story," we talk about Jews, Jesus, and the duties of a godparent. We also design Eric's next tattoo, plan to Eiffel Tower a girl to become closer friends, and solve the mystery of black people and rare meat. AND WE SING!

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BORIS KHAYKIN is here! We discuss everything from love to taxes, killing the president to shrooms, and everything that makes the Ukraine a magical place.

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MARK DOWLING is here! Stop jumping on the Superbowl bandwagon on Facebook, you stupid girls. Also: Men Running, Wheelchairs, Girlfriend Chauffeurs, My Girl, Allergies, Spitting on the Homeless, Crazy Church Lady, High School Rebels, and Bringing Hand Jobs Back!

Direct download: Pod_Awful_324.mp3
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ERIC LEWIS is here! We FINALLY tell the story we have been teasing for months, and in the process we burn bridges with everyone we know! Jesse also tells the story of the time he fucked a girl in a science museum. Also talked about: bad haircut, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jews, side boob, girl's can't measure, jerking off with the dog in the room, and Bobcat Goldthwait.

Direct download: Pod_Awful_323.mp3
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RG DANIELS is here! We talk about being neighbors and try to decide whether or not I am really the world's worst boyfriend. Also: Anonymous, podcast wars, wittling, scariest states, laziness, and negativity.

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ANDY ROCCO is here! We talk about a great myriad of things including atheism, 9/11, Anonymous, sucking your own dick, beanie babies, alan starzinski, comics, and movies. We are also visited by FUTURE ANDY and bring back SexyTime™!

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EDDIE BRAWLEY is here! We talk about the trials and tribulations of renting apartments, my terrible self inflicted hair cut, and me torturing some dumb Asian woman till she cried. THIS EPISODE HAS A 2+ HOUR BONUS EPISODE WITH PRANK CALLS AND MORE BEING RELEASED LATER THIS WEEK! SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES TO GET IT!

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